Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shop for Products in Your Favorite Videos!

Do you ever see something you LOVE on your favorite TV show and want to buy it? The LOVE iTT ticker scrolls images of products below video players and in one click links you to the retailers purchase page to check out prices and buy it.  

Friday, April 8, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

LOVE iTT Powers Product Sales

Watching how the Kardashian's attract huge crowds both at parties and on Twitter, I am wondering if that power will translate into fans wanting to buy the clothes right off their backs!  How do you sell $50,000 of bikini’s from one Kourtney and Kim Take New York TV Clip?  KardaSHOPian.TV !
One Click Media is proposing to produce a web/mobile shopping site called KarsdaSHOPian.TV powered by the LOVE iTT product placement ticker to fuel product sales.  LOVE iTT scrolls product images under a video player of all the gorgeous fashion and home decor products you see in Kim & Kourtney Take New York TV clips, and in one click links you directly to the purchase page to buy it.  SEE DEMO HERE

LOVE iTT product placement shopping sites play TV clips from specific TV shows, like KardaSHOPian.TV, or all TV clips of shows available on a specific channel, like Playboy TV. LOVE iTT works both on the web and mobile devices, with awesome touch shopping on the iPad. 

Unlike most TV networks, the Kardashian’s are unique because they own their TV content and are also in the retail buinsess with D-A-S-H and Sears.  The numbers are compelling because the Kardashians have the right balance of fans, brand, and product influence. Using the standard 1% direct marketing conversion metric, the revenue example below shows how LOVE iTT generates $5 million per month in ecommerce sales for DASH and featured retail advertisers (including Sears) based on 50,000 fans viewing 20 TV clips on KardaSHOPian.TV.  Here is the methodology:
  • This 2 minute clip of the Kourtney and Kim Club Brawl got 61,289 views on YouTube.
  • If 50,000 people view this TV clip on KardaSHOPian.TV and just 1% (500 viewers) convert to buyers of a $100 bikini featured in the LOVE iTT ticker = $50,000 in product sales from just one ticker unit.
  • Each clip has 10 ticker units with products ranging in price from $50 - $500, so on average each clip can generate $250,000 in product sales using a 1% sales conversion metric.
  • Using the same 1% conversion metric of 50,000 viewers, a playlist with 20 promos (200 products) can generate $5 million in product sales per month.  
  • If KardaSHOPian.TV increases traffic from 50,000 to 500,000 loyal fans, sales revenue will increase from $5 million per month to $20 million per month in product sales using the same 1% conversion metric. 
Similar to product accessibility in a mall, the LOVE iTT ticker system is designed to feature large "anchor" retailers (like Sears and Macy's) who offer a wide variety of products, as well as smaller specialty retailers,, like DASH. One Click Media product placment researchers can include any complementary products relevant to the content, including concert tickets, DVD downloads, and products availble at E! Online.  Branding for E! is included in all the video clips.  A playlist of 20 TV clips has 200 ticker units (200 products) allocated among 50 retail advertiser contracts.  

Friday, December 17, 2010

Revenue Methodology for Playboy

The revenue methodology here generates $20 million in ecommerce product sales per month for Playboy based on a 1% conversion rate of 500,000 viewers viewing 20 promos on a Playboy TV LOVE iTT shopping site.
  • If 500,000 people view this promo and 1% (5000 viewers) convert to buyers of that $25 white bikini featured in the LOVE iTT ticker = $125,000 in product sales from just one ticker unit. 
  • Each 2-5 minute promo ticker has 10 ticker units, so on average each promo can generate $1 million in product sales using a 1% conversion metric. 
  • Using the same metric of 500,000 viewers and 1% conversion a playlist with 20 promos can generate $20 million in product sales.
Here is a Foursome promo with the LOVE iTT shopping ticker in action; CLICK HERE: 

One Click Media produces and delivers our product placement merchandising research bundled into the LOVE iTT shopping ticker for 10% of online sales, and a monthly production fee based on playlist schedules, website, and inventory maintenance. One Click Media's product placement research team of merchandisers view all content, select and merchandise products, and create LOVE iTT tickers via our custom back-end API.

Contact Marie Conroy for a proposal for your custom LOVE iTT shopping site.